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Welcome to MADVOX

An independent software developer and application maker!

Here, you will find useful applications, games, custom software and more. You may also find code, stories, commentary and technical articles. This software runs on your devices and your desktop seamlessly, swiftly and naturally, on most Operating Systems.

Ranging from useful and simple applications (timers, gauges, file tools, etc.) to scientific tools (astronomical, mathematical...), utilities (clocks, timers, logs) and 2D games and simulations, you will find something useful.

This is a new site and it is being populated with new applications and resources. The old repository/site is no longer available on-line but, drop a tweet or a message if you are looking for an older app. It is always possible that some of the old books and materials may make it to this site... In the meantime, check frequently for new and updated content and applications!

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The things that matter

Responsive Apps

Adaptable, cross-platform applications for any desktop and device format. Simple or advanced programs for specialized or every-day use, whether native or hybrid

Technical Software

Astronomical software, Simulations, Time and Date, Computational, Mechanical and Analytical Geometry, Optimized Algorithms, Tools and Utilities, AI Patterns and Scripts.

Game Software

Classic remakes, 2D platformers, puzzles, 2D simulations, mobile and touch-enabled games and game software, tools, algorithms and libraries

Resources and Topics of Interest

News and things to like and follow. Perhaps you will find them interesting as well...


CORDOVA DEVELOPMENT: My latest book on Hybrid Applications Development using Cordova and Electron. The manuscript is free and your support is appreciated if you would purchase the printed edition

Take a Look and check things out!

You can get the printed edition here.


ASTRONOMY AND PLANETARY SCIENCE: I am keeping a record of my observational contributions to ALPO here. Feel free to read...

Astronomical Observations

Detailed obervations, drawings and photographs as well as journal entries and related items


ROGUETOAD.COM: Home to NIJI JUMP and continuing work on the Miraxis Trilogy as well as a recently rebranded and awesome site. NR2003 mods still available

Visit and check things out!

You can get the Miraxis Index (Vol I) right here.


SHIFTARIA: Home of the Silver Guardians will be making an apperance soon... Stay tuned!

Visit Shiftaria and check things out!

Additional Resources

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