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Statement about IP and Copyright

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Please note that, in addition to Madvox content, some materials on this site are the copyright of their respective owners and are protected by US and international treaties and may not be copied or reproduced without the express permission of their owners. We welcome your requests for permission to use our materials. Please, contact us if you need to reproduce material from this site (or read below for instant grants).

You are automatically granted a limited license to use our logos, slogans, domains, screenshots and trade names for personal, informational, and non-commercial purposes and to promote our site or our products. Use must conform to the following terms:

You must acknowledge us as the source of the intellectual property. We reserve the right to object to any use of intellectual property and we also reserve the rights to revise and change these conditions, terms of use and notices at any time.

Instant Grants

You are hereby granted permission to use our marks (logos, slogans, domain names and trade names including product names) in the following cases:

>> On your web site to promote our products or content or for search purposes
>> On your social site to talk about our products or content
>> As metatags in search code or search engines
>> For any other purpose related to promoting or announcing us or our products
>> You may use screenshots for the purpose of announcing, reviewing, promoting or discussing products
>> You must always properly identify us as the owner of the material.

You may not use our marks and intellectual property in the following cases:

>> With variations of spelling or with text modifications
>> In a derogatory or defamatory manner
>> In a negative context
>> With innappropriate or adult content;
>> Causing confusion, damage or questioning our reputation
>> Affecting the reputation of others
>> As domain names or parts of domain names.

Furthermore, you may not use our e-mail addresses, marks or intellectual property to send unauthorized e-mail, spam, offensive or unsolicited materials including those messages sent claiming to be us, or any other use or message origination that is not us.