Stopwatch / Chronometer, CountDown Timer, Lap Analysis...


MXTimer is a simple but effective chronometer with two counting modes: forward (stopwatch) - with the ability to time laps and calculate lap deltas in real time (in-place, real-time, best-lap deltas) and backwards (countdown), with the ability to loop and vibrate to alert you to expired time cycles. Time functions are unobtrusive (using minimal device functionality) to avoid unnecessary access permissions on your device. For this reason, the app uses vibration and not sounds. Using sounds requires permissions related to privacy and file access so we designed MXTimer to alert you using vibration instead, which can be turned off. The application also allows you to lock it in the foreground; this way your timers keep working preventing the screen from locking but not using background power or extra battery. You also control whether you want the app to keep your screen on or not.

MXTimer can share time data with your other applications and social networking sites if you desire. You may copy data to the clipboard, email it, tweet it or save it. You may also choose from a variety of built-in themes and colors, font sizes and other options. Overall, the app requires permission to vibrate, save time data to your local device and an internet connection if you wish to share the data online. This is all the application does - no access to your private information, phone or contacts or other sensitive information is needed at all. MXTimer is free and contains no advertisements.

Full Description

Measure lap times up to 99 hours or count down from 99 hours. Record individual lap times, delta differences and overall times easily. Filter through the results and share them via other applications or social media. Choose from a set of themes and colors and analyze data at any time.

  • Main: Timer and Data Modes

  • Options: Customize Everything

  • Data: Analyze and Share Results

  • Chronometer: Best Lap, Lap Deltas

  • StopTimer: Choose your color

  • CountDown: Custom Down Counter

Application Features


  • Use KEEP ALIVE if you want the screen to remain on
  • Use VIBRATE to get vibrating notifications
  • Change the orientation of the screen to use bigger fonts
  • Change themes and colors from the Options menu


  • Go HOME and query time data at any time while timing
  • No need to pause to query current timer data
  • Use Share to export your lap times to another app
  • Use Share to send your laps with mail or twiter


  • Set count down to repeat at regular intervals
  • Tap LAP to calculate current lap time and deltas
  • Pause any timers or countdowns at any time
  • Check the repeat box on the countdown timer to loop

Hints and Tips

  • Note: the DATA ANALYSIS view always shows delta differences relative to the prior lap.
  • Note: the regular chronometer view always shows delta differences relative to the best lap.
  • Note: Switch from Chronometer to Data Analysis to look at your current results.
  • Hint: You may perform that switch while still timing a lap then return to the timer (chrono).
  • Important: Do not forget to "APPLY" any changes you make in the options menu.
  • Hint: Loop the countdown timer if you wish to repeat a countdown indefinitely

Frequently Asked Questions

Share options are limited on Windows Phone 8: Windows Phone 8 has less sharing options than Android - this is normal. Generally speaking though, you should be able to see options to share via email or text message (SMS or any other text messaging application installed)

Share options are not showing on Windows Phone 8.1: This is a known issue with Windows Phone 8.1 - we will provide more options as they become available on this OS. As of the current release, share options in Windows 8.1 should match at least the available options under Windows 8

How do I keep the timer on the screen and prevent it from dimming?: Use the KEEP ALIVE option. You may turn that option off at any time. This will prevent the screen from going black and thus, there may be additional draining on your battery. However, this is a normal option to use if you plan to, say, do exercise, and have the device on in front of you.


Roguetoad Studios - This program was produced with the help of Roguetoad Studios who provided images, themes and icons. This program also uses some clipart and icons from Open Clipart. Some script libraries from the Apache Cordova Project.

Build / Release Information

Released March 2015. Version 1.3.2
Updated Feb 2016, 1.7.0 - Program Technical Update