MADVOX Oddnoid

An Arkanoid + Breakout Clone...


Oddnoid is an old Madvox classic, originally written for Pocket PC 2000-2003 and for the Smartphones of the time. Now, with advanced smartphones and great tablets, we brought Oddnoid back with added challenges and more fun! What's more... Oddnoid is available on Android phones and tablets as well as Windows 8 phones and tablets and also in Windows. You may download any version appropriate to your system

Game Description

Control the paddle with your thumb or any finger and drag left or right and hit the ball. Double tap to launch the ball. Hit all blocks and move to the next level: in between, many surprises await you... can you get to the end? (Use the Options menu to raise the paddle if it is too close to the bottom of your device's screen).

  • Levels: Multiple levels and challenges

  • Blocks: Various blocks and power-ups

  • Ball: Ball gravity and friction

  • Objects: Falling objects

  • Help: In-game Help

  • Options: Configure to your liking

Game Features


  • Physics modeling for ball motion and collisions
  • Gravity, friction and collisions
  • Portrait mode scaled to individual devices
  • Parallaxing and graphic effects


  • Multiple PowerUps and PowerDowns
  • Over 50 levels and two difficulty modes
  • Timed levels for scoring
  • Full-feature music and many sounds
  • Saved Progress on level completion


  • Various brick types and modes
  • Obstacles and raining asteroids
  • Power-ups and power-downs
  • Many block effects

Hints and Tips

  • Paddle: Raise the paddle in Options if it is too low for you
  • Paddle: Tap or drag the paddle to where you want it to be
  • Powers: Powerdowns outlined in red are bad for you! :)
  • Timer: Try to complete levels in the fastest possible time for records
  • Replay: You can replay a level from the SELECT menu once you have completed it once
  • Difficulty: We recommend starting at low-difficulty: it is not much easierm
  • Ball: Having the ball bounce at low angles will increase its speed
  • Ball: In gravity mode, try to keep the ball up - don't worry about blocks
  • Ball: In anti-gravity mode, try to get the ball to bounce up as soon as possible
  • Collisions: If an asteroid or a block falls on you the paddle disappears for a while but it is still there - try to hit the ball
  • Collisions: Moving platforms can help you or they can deflect the ball against you

Frequently Asked Questions

I have the music volume up but cannot hear any music: the sound volume is also the master volume. Even if you have the music volume up, slide the sound volume to the middle or high position so you can hear the music play.

How do I navigate between screens?: use the "back" key on your device or press ESC or BackSpace depending on your device. When in game, click the STOP button to abort the current game and return to the menu

The game is running a bit slow on my device: the game is optimized for modern devices but it should run on any Windows 8 or Android (2.4 or higher) device. However, try disabling GPU Shader and, if necessary, disable parallax for a boost in performance.

When I return to the menu some buttons (e.g. OPTIONS) do not work: When you "back" into the menu from a game in process your game is suspended and the first menu option now reads "RESUME". The back key essentially pauses the game. When in a paused game, the SELECT and OPTIONS menu items do not open to avoid conflicts with the paused game. To stop a game so you can start a new one, click the STOP button on the top-left corner of the existing game instead of using the back key

How do I launch the ball?: There are three ways... if you have autolaunch ball turned on in Options, the ball will self-launch in 5 seconds. Alternatively, tap the paddle, double tap the level or tap the timer at the top of the screen. The ball will manually launch in any of these ways


Roguetoad Studios - This program was produced with the help of Roguetoad Studios who provided images, themes and icons. Simply awesome music for this game was used under permission from Andrew Greatorex. For absolutely mind-blowing remixes, Tech or just phenomenal productions check these sites: Andrew Greatorex, SoundCloud.

Build / Release Information

Released November 2014, 1.3.0