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Statement about user privacy

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Madvox Ltd. respects your privacy absolutely. We understand your desire for privacy and we want you to understand how we intend to handle any Personal Information, such as optional details that you may provide to us through your profile. You can visit our site ( without giving us any Personal Information. We do not collect any personal information, rather store only any optional information you wish to provide through your profile, should you choose to provide it (the majority of data entry fields in the profile page are fully optional.) If you choose to enter such information on our internet site, we assume that you consent to the storage of such information and to its transfer to our database operations in the United States.

It is possible for you to enter identifiable information if you post on our forum or enter comments in various sections of this site. We encourage you not to post any personal information and we will never ask for it. In absolutely no case will we provide you with information you have not solicited or requested. Let us assure you that, like you, we absolutely hate spam and will not contact you unless you specifically ask. Please do not enter information on this site, without prior approval of your parents or custodians, if you are under 18 years of age. We want your parents to approve your use of this web site.

e-Mail Notice

If you choose to register with this site, we store your e-mail address (and in general, profile information) using machine-cryptography available on a secure database. Spammers have sometimes ways to fake the source of e-mail addresses pretending to be someone else, such as us. If you happen to receive spam pretending to be us, let us assure you first we do not spam and that your address cannot be easily harvested from our records.

Your e-mail address may also be harvested from other web sites and it may still be linked to us by chance through the millions of combinations spammers use to target just about everyone. We will never contact you asking to reveal your password or any personal details. Unauthorized use of our e-mail to send spam, offensive or unsolicited materials, or any other use or message origination that is not us will be reported to LEGAL AUTHORITIES.