Play, Learn, and Enjoy Even More!!!

Spoofs Play and Learn is an ambitious project that brings together the fun of playing, and the value of learning, in a vibrant, interactive, and engaging game!


Enjoy a plethora of minigames across various genres, each one rewarding you with currencies to help you collect toys and stickers. Earn as you play in-game; no microtransactions here!


Engage in replayable activities that encourage learning with basic shapes, math, and even vocabulary, all presented with memorable art in motivating experiences.

And More!

Organize your room with interactive toys and decorative stickers, go fishing to collect unique creatures and fill your aquarium, write in your own diary, and so much more!

Relax with the Spoofs and friends!

Wherever you are in Spoofs! Play and Learn, there's always something to do!

Decorate your room

Relax and go fishing

Have fun learning!

Write in your diary

Shop with in-game currency

Have fun playing!

Fun and exciting rewards for backers!

Your generous support for Spoofs! Play and Learn can net you a plethora of wonderful rewards. Including, but not limited to...

A Copy of the Game

Get Spoofs Play and Learn for your favorite devices!


Exclusive wallpapers featuring characters from the game!

In-game Rewards

A generous supply of in-game currency!

Honorable Mention

Your name included in the game's official credits!

Exciting Extras

Coloring pages, printable stickers, and more collectibles!

Even More!!!

Visit our Kickstarter to see even more rewards!