“What do you do with a book?”

Join the Spoofs on extraordinary tales with the first entry in the Spoofs Storytime series!

What do you do with a Book“, available now at Amazon, wisps readers onto a wild and colorful adventure about the magic of books. With gorgeous original art and fun at every turn, each page is packed with wonder! Fully-colored premium print brings the Spoofs and all of their delightful energy to life in a way that’s welcome to anyone’s collection, young or old. Buy the book now at Amazon, available in both English and Spanish, and in physical and digital formats!

Available Physically and Digitally in English
Available Physically and Digitally in Spanish

Featuring the Spoofs characters and art, as seen in Spoofs Playland

Featuring the Spoofs and other Characters

Join the Scholar and friends as they discover books and the splendor that awaits between the pages! Learn more about these fun characters, many of which feature in Madvox Games’ “Spoofs Playland” as well as Spoofs merchandise. Each page is full of vibrant color and life, printed on premium, professional-quality paper that brings the wonder and charm of the Spoofs to your hands.

Part of the Spoofs Storytime Series

The first entry in an adventurous series, “What do you do with a book?” introduces a group of lovable original characters that come to life with each turn of the page. The Storytime Series is made for children but with a charm that makes it great for all ages to love and enjoy! Look out for the arrival of new books in the series.

Professional, premium print on each and every page.

Free Coloring Pages for readers to enjoy!

Free Coloring Pages!

Were you sent here by the book with a promise of fantastic freebies? Grab your free coloring pages now, available in print-ready PDF format so you can print a copy for you and your friends and get to coloring! Includes 8 full-sized images based on the book.

Official Merchandise

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