Spoofs Calculator & Converter Pro

Tired of dull and flat calculators? We've got you covered with Spoofs Calculator & Converter Pro! Great for all ages, this app lets you personalize your own calculator experience with original themes, vibrant colors, and more! Say goodbye to the monochrome tones of the other calculators, and say hello to Spoofs Calculator!!!

And guess what? Basic math isn't the only thing this app is good for. Included are powerful conversion tools so you also have convenient and easy access to converting measures of distance, temperature, volume, and even weight! All in a gorgeous package featuring fantastic art from our in-house artist MGaru.

Perhaps best of all, Spoofs Calculator & Converter is available in two versions! The Pro version includes all conversion features as well as a plethora of personalization options. The Free version is also available, and includes all mathematical functions the Pro version does! You can upgrade at any time via an unobtrusive button in-app.

No matter which version you pick, you can enjoy an experience that respects you, with no advertisements, no data collection, and even no pop-ups to demand you to rate the app or constantly upgrade. Use it as you wish, as is the Madvox Games way.


Mathematical Functions including Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division and more!

Pro: Conversion Functions for Distance, Temperature, Volume, and Weight!

Personalization Options such as Frame Designs and Colors to make it all your own!

English and Spanish Language Support, switchable at any time!

No ads. No pop-ups. No catch. We believe in your privacy and a positive experience!

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Spoofs Calculator & Converter Pro

Buy now on Google Play! The Pro version includes the full conversion suite and all personalization options.

Get it on Google Play

Spoofs Calculator & Converter Free

Download now on Google Play! The Free version provides an unobtrusive link to purchase the Pro version. Otherwise, there are no ads and you will not be pressured to purchase the Pro version at any time.

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